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L.TEX 8600 Series In-line Pump

L.TEX 8600 Series In-line Pump

L.TEX 8600 Series In-line PumpThe 8600 series have been designed to generate the flow in the closed pressurized flow line. The external magnet drive the check valves without contact, so the 8600 which does not have any parts in contact to the outer air is capable of circulating the fluid in the closed flow line without decrease in pressure. Fluid as well as gas can be delivered for circulation.

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L.TEX 8600 In-line Pump
Delivery mode Check valve in the cylinder drive by electromagnetic induction
Discharge quantity per a stroke 5ml~
Number of stroke 1 stroke per a minute~100 strokes per a minute
Max. pressure 20MPa
Material of wet parts SUS316, fluorocarbon polymers, High density polyethylene