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High Pressure Plunger Pump for Special Fluid

Various pump heads have been developed to meet specific application requirements as shown below. Those heads are applicable to our 8800 and 8200 Pump series.

Slurry delivery

Slurry deliveryThe system has been capable of delivering slurry continuously with high pressure, which was previously very difficult with the pumps available in the market. L.Tex has developed very unique structure for the check valves which has enabled the slurry to be delivered smoothly. It is required to inhale the slurry over stirring it right before the check valve depending on concentration and density of slurry. For further details, please contact us.

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High viscosity fluid delivery

High viscosity fluid deliveryThe check valves, which have been developed for high viscosity fluid delivery, has enabled our pump system to deliver high viscosity fluid with high pressure such as commercially available glycerin solution (approx. concentration 85%). Though actual flow rate is reduced by the flow resistance when inhaling the fluid, good flow rate reproducibility is obtained and efficiency of the delivery can be increased with special modifications of tubing in the inhaling side.

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High temperature fluid delivery

High temperature fluid deliveryThe specially designed pump head with the heater is enabled to deliver the fluid such as gallium which becomes harden under low temperature. The temperature range is approx. 60~100℃ while it depends on the plunger seals which have been developed for the high temperature fluid delivery. The head position is extended forward and a cooling fin is placed between the pump head and the main body to prevent the heat of the pump head from affecting the driver mechanism and electric systems.

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