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Digital Pressure meter

L.TEX8120 Series High Performance Compact Digital Pressure Meter

L.TEX8129 digital pressure meterThe 8120 series is a compact digital pressure meter while maintaining high performance equipped with the tracking function (auto drift cancel). Depending on required rated pressure, 5 models are prepared as shown in the following list. The pressure meter can be offered as OEM with your required joint holes, outer case design and color. And it can be supplied as parts kit to be installed in the system. The model with wet parts materials for the inert specifications whose max. pressure is up to 20MPa is available.

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  1. Employing the amp which is used for the high precise measuring instrument, low drift is achieved.
  2. 2 patterns are available for the comparator functions
  3. Sampling speed is selectable among 6 kinds of speed.
  4. Tracking function is offered.
  5. Two types of analog output such as 1-5V and 0-5V are offered
  6. Various external outputs are offered.
  7. Compact design and low cost are achieved.
Model Rated pressure
8121 5MPa
8122 10MPa
8123 20MPa
8124 50MPa
8125 100MPa
Dimensions/weight Pump: 145(W) x 463(H) x 300D approx.8kg
Power supply: 178(W) x 100(H) x 230(D) approx. 2kg

L.TEX8150 Digital Pressure Meter for micro volume

L.TEX8150 Digital Pressure Meter for micro volume Generally, flush diaphragm pressure method is used as a pressure sensor for the scientific instruments. It detects pressure which is applied to certain area by the strain gauge and convert it to the signal. Disadvantage of this method is that the sensor requires certain area. Recently, micro flow and nano flow of the pumps are used so that dead volume of the sensor has not been neglected. Then this method has caused contamination and other problem. Internal volume of the sensor equipped with the 8150 is as small as 4μl. And its internal diameter of the sensor is almost the same as that of tubing, so no contaminations occur. By using the 8150, now it is not necessary to use the pressure sensor with 100μl internal volume while the flow rate of the pump is a couple of μl/min. To meet smaller volume requirement, the pressure sensor with internal volume 1.6μl can be offered.

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L.TEX8150 Digital Pressure Meter for micro volume
Pressure sensor Strain gauge type flow through transducer
Internal volume 4.0μl (sensitive area of the sensor φ0.8 x 8mm)
Max. pressure 40MPa
Material of wet part SUS316
External signal Recorder output 0~5
Contact signal to external device by setting the upper and lower pressure
Dimensions of sensitive area 22(W) x 27(H) x 80(D)mm